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Ultrasonic discharge measurement
  Flowmeter systems and measurement stations - complete solutions for your application


Measurement in fresh and waste water

Systems for surface water, tidal water, pipes, and sewage channels,
Measurement path lenghts
from 1 to 2000 meters
The flowmeter's mode of operation is either based on transit-time or Doppler method ...
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>> New: Portable measurement systems (ADCP and FlowTracker) 

wireless measurement Dischargemeasurement in pressured pipes Discharge measurement in rivers, img: travel time method
Wireless discharge measurement
Venice Lagoon, Italy
AFW Acoustic Flowmeter Wireless
Discharge measurement in pipes
Katse Dam, Lesotho, Africa
1-level single path system in the Mohale Tunnel
Discharge measurement in rivers
Havelberg, Brandenburg, Germany
here: travel time method

Data logger +  sensors
   The complete measurement station world-wide reachable via GSM/GPRS modem


Q-Log mini-W (wall-mounted housing)

Two-canal-data-logger (expandable to 4 canals) for analogue data

  • browser based communication (parameter setting and
    data read out) - no need for any additional software
  • Bluetooth for wireless data read out and parameterisation
  • Alarmmanagement
  • Two analog inputs (current and voltage)
  • Energy supply: networking with USV-buffering
  • Connectable to other measuring equipment via RS-232
  • Integration of GSM/GPRS-moduls, analog- or ISDN-modem
  • Double spaced LC-display
  • Housing made of plastics 195 x 155 x 105 (B x H x T) IP 65
4-canal data logger
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