Quantum Hydrometrie GmbH Water measurement

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Quantum Hydrometrie
Gesellschaft für Mess- und Systemtechnik mbH


Quantum Hydrometrie, founded in 1994, offers high-tech measurement equipment and
services for environment and water protection, including the appropriate services.
The engeneers of Quantum Hydrometrie are experts for technical solutions in all fields
of water management. Beside of engeneer services our work is focused on the
development and production of the latest measurement instruments for water management.
Thus Quantum Hydrometrie has captured a strong position in the market
for ultrasonic flow measuring systems within a few years.

The Quantum product family has become the standard instrumentation used today
by hydrologists to improve their knowledge of water flow in rivers, open channels,
pressurized pipes, partially filled conduits, estuaries, waterways, irrigation and
drainage systems, and sewage water systems. Quantum Hydrometrie is distribution-
partner of SonTek/YSI in Germany.

Main Expertises
• Ultrasonic flow measuring systems
- Signal runtime systems
- Doppler-Effect systems
- Stationary and portable flowmeters
• Water level sensors
- Pressure sensors (e.g. in bivalent version)
• Data logger

More than 600 utrasonic measurement systems installed in Germany and its European
neighbours, Lesotho, North Africa and China are documenting our customer's satisfaction.